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Project Gemini

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Love over space
After depleting Earth's resources for centuries, humankind's survival requires an exodus to outer space. An international expedition is quickly formed to find a suitable new planet, but when plans go awry, the crew is suddenly stranded without power on a strange planet, where something unimaginable lies in wait.

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 575322
Movie Language : en
Original Title: Звёздный разум
Popularity : 344.987
Release : 2022-01-06
Movie Title : Project Gemini
Rate : 5.8
Vote Count : 293
Genre IDs : 878,27
Genres : Science Fiction, Horror
Tagline : Love over space
Revenue : 0
Runtime : 99
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID :
Collection Name :

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : KD Studios
Budget : 0
HomePage :
IMDB ID : tt5656994
Country Code : RU
Country Name :
Spoken Language : English
Company ID : 188974
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country : RU


Casts and Crews


  1. Egor Koreshkov ( Egor Koreshkov ) Acting as Dr. Steven Ross

  2. Alena Konstantinova ( Alena Konstantinova ) Acting as Amy

  3. Konstantin Samoukov ( Konstantin Samoukov ) Acting as Ryan Connell

  4. Pyotr Romanov ( Pyotr Romanov ) Acting as Peter Lehmann

  5. Nikita Dyuvbanov ( Nikita Dyuvbanov ) Acting as Frank Miller

  6. Liza Martines ( Liza Martines ) Acting as Leona Redwood

  7. Viktor Potapeshkin ( Viktor Potapeshkin ) Acting as Richard Wilson

  8. Dmitry Frid ( Dmitry Frid ) Acting as David Kurtz

  9. Katerina Shpitsa ( Katerina Shpitsa ) Acting as Jane Rutkovsky

  10. Nikita Volkov ( Nikita Volkov ) Acting as Vadim Ladin

  11. Alexander Kuznetsov ( Alexander Kuznetsov ) Acting as senator Rigert

  12. Mikhail Bashkatov ( Mikhail Bashkatov ) Acting as Nicholas Stoller

  13. Ekaterina Kabak ( Ekaterina Kabak ) Acting as Felicity

  14. Sergey Kempo ( Sergey Kempo ) Acting as Philip Aster

  15. Nikolay Serdtsev ( Nikolay Serdtsev ) Acting as Paul Paterson

  16. Karina Ivanova ( Karina Ivanova ) Acting as Veronica Lane

  17. Sabina Akhmedova ( Sabina Akhmedova ) Acting as Naomi Collins


  1. Viktor Denisyuk ( Viktor Denisyuk ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  2. Evgeniy Melentev ( Evgeniy Melentev ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  3. Vyacheslav Lisnevsky ( Vyacheslav Lisnevsky ) Camera, Job: Writer From Department of Writing

  4. Natalya Frolova ( Natalya Frolova ) Production, Job: Executive Producer From Department of Production

  5. Anastasiya Batalova ( Anastasiya Batalova ) Costume & Make-Up, Job: Costume Design From Department of Costume & Make-Up

  6. Kirill Zotkin ( Kirill Zotkin ) Camera, Job: Director of Photography From Department of Camera

  7. Alexandr Kurinsky ( Alexandr Kurinsky ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  8. Vladimir Denisyuk ( Vladimir Denisyuk ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  9. Dmitry Zhigalov ( Dmitry Zhigalov ) Writing, Job: Writer From Department of Writing

  10. Veronika Bodyanskaya ( Veronika Bodyanskaya ) Art, Job: Production Design From Department of Art

  11. Yuliya Charandaeva ( Yuliya Charandaeva ) Art, Job: Production Design From Department of Art

  12. Konstantin Poznekov ( Konstantin Poznekov ) Sound, Job: Original Music Composer From Department of Sound

  13. Natalya Lebedeva ( Natalya Lebedeva ) Writing, Job: Writer From Department of Writing

  14. Serik Beyseu ( Serik Beyseu ) Editing, Job: Director From Department of Directing

  15. Serik Beyseu ( Serik Beyseu ) Editing, Job: Editor From Department of Editing

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