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Office Love: Behind Closed Doors

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Reiko is a high class call girl employed by a large corporation. She’ll do anything necessary to help her employer land new business, including kinky sex and humiliation, to please her high class clientele. Secretly bedding rival company executives on her own time, Reiko’s world turns upside down when a former lover comes back to her for affection. The problem is he’s married! With yet another shy employee vying for her attention, Reiko gets caught in a triple tryst that could change her future forever.

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 262743
Movie Language : ja
Original Title: オフィスラブ 真昼の禁猟区
Popularity : 233.782
Release : 1985-07-20
Movie Title : Office Love: Behind Closed Doors
Rate : 4.4
Vote Count : 7
Genre IDs : 10749
Genres : Romance
Tagline :
Revenue : 0
Runtime : 71
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID :
Collection Name :

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : Nikkatsu Corporation
Budget : 0
HomePage : http://www.nikkatsu.com/movie/26240.html
IMDB ID : tt0287604
Country Code : JP
Country Name :
Spoken Language : 日本語
Company ID : 955
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country : JP


Casts and Crews


  1. Rei Akasaka ( Rei Akasaka ) Acting as Rieko Tamura - Secretary with Broken Heart

  2. Kurumi Jôgenji ( Kurumi Jôgenji ) Acting as Hanayo Kurashima

  3. Junpei Kusami ( Junpei Kusami ) Acting as Takayuki Sugimoto

  4. Koichi Ueda ( Koichi Ueda ) Acting as Managing Director Horikawa

  5. Shigeki Ishii ( Shigeki Ishii ) Acting as Tadashi Hidaka

  6. Kenji Kodama ( Kenji Kodama ) Acting as Senior Managing Director Masayoshi Kubota

  7. Tamaki Komiyama ( Tamaki Komiyama ) Acting as Employee

  8. Erika Imamura ( Erika Imamura ) Acting as Michiko Sakagami

  9. Kaori Kuno ( Kaori Kuno ) Acting as Tomoe Hayakawa


  1. Isao Tomita ( Isao Tomita ) Editing, Job: Editor From Department of Editing

  2. Yasuaki Uegaki ( Yasuaki Uegaki ) Directing, Job: Director From Department of Directing

  3. Masahiro Kawasaki ( Masahiro Kawasaki ) Sound, Job: Music From Department of Sound

  4. Toshimichi Saeki ( Toshimichi Saeki ) Writing, Job: Screenplay From Department of Writing

  5. Katsumi Kaneda ( Katsumi Kaneda ) Art, Job: Art Direction From Department of Art

  6. Kazumi Sugimoto ( Kazumi Sugimoto ) Camera, Job: Director of Photography From Department of Camera

  7. Seisaku Kimura ( Seisaku Kimura ) Lighting, Job: Lighting Director From Department of Lighting

  8. Osamu Onodera ( Osamu Onodera ) Sound, Job: Sound Recordist From Department of Sound

  9. Kimio Shindo ( Kimio Shindo ) Crew, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  10. Kenichi Ikeda ( Kenichi Ikeda ) Directing, Job: Assistant Director From Department of Directing

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