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Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Here's Donald

Walt Disney Cartoon Classics. A wondrous collection of cartoon masterpieces from the great Disney legacy. Each volume in this fabulous series is filled with the kind of joy and laughter that have made these cartoons timeless. Yours to enjoy now...and forever! HERE'S DONALD! That comically cantankerous fellow, the one-and-only Donald Duck, stars in a trio of laugh-filled cartoons: ▴ Wide Open Spaces (1947): Between a surly motel manager and an air mattress that has a mind of its own, poor Donald has a nightmare of a night trying to get some shut-eye. ▴ Donald's Ostrich (1937): The feathers fly as Donald, a railroad station manager, has a run-in with hungry Hortense, a "lost" shipment with meals and mischief on her mind! ▴ Crazy with the Heat (1947): It's Donald of the Desert and his dune buddy Goofy as they travel across the sizzling sands of the Sahara together!

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Movie ID : 1038666
Movie Language : en
Original Title: Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Here's Donald
Popularity : 1.12
Release : 1987-05-19
Movie Title : Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Here's Donald
Rate : 10
Vote Count : 1
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Revenue : 0
Runtime : 22
Status : Released

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