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Rise, Roar, Revolt.
A fictional history of two legendary revolutionaries' journey away from home before they began fighting for their country in the 1920s.

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 579974
Movie Language : te
Original Title: రౌద్రం రణం రుధిరం
Popularity : 279.922
Release : 2022-03-24
Movie Title : RRR
Rate : 7.8
Vote Count : 824
Genre IDs : 28,18
Genres : Action, Drama
Tagline : Rise, Roar, Revolt.
Revenue : 160000000
Runtime : 182
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID :
Collection Name :

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : DVV Entertainment
Budget : 69000000
HomePage :
IMDB ID : tt8178634
Country Code : IN
Country Name :
Spoken Language : English
Company ID : 68594
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country : IN


Casts and Crews


  1. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. ( N. T. Rama Rao Jr. ) Acting as Komaram Bheem

  2. Ram Charan ( Ram Charan ) Acting as Alluri Sitarama Raju

  3. Olivia Morris ( Olivia Morris ) Acting as Jennifer 'Jenny' Buxton

  4. Ray Stevenson ( Ray Stevenson ) Acting as Scott Buxton

  5. Alison Doody ( Alison Doody ) Acting as Cassandra Buxton

  6. Alia Bhatt ( Alia Bhatt ) Acting as Sita

  7. Ajay Devgn ( Ajay Devgn ) Acting as Venkata Rama Raju

  8. Shriya Saran ( Shriya Saran ) Acting as Sarojini

  9. Edward Sonnenblick ( Edward Sonnenblick ) Acting as Edwards

  10. Makrand Deshpande ( Makrand Deshpande ) Acting as Peddanna

  11. Samuthirakani ( Samuthirakani ) Acting as Venkateshwarulu

  12. Chatrapathi Sekhar ( Chatrapathi Sekhar ) Acting as Jangu

  13. Rajiv Kanakala ( Rajiv Kanakala ) Acting as Venkat Avdhani

  14. Rahul Ramakrishna ( Rahul Ramakrishna ) Acting as Lacchu

  15. Ahmareen Anjum ( Ahmareen Anjum ) Acting as Loki

  16. Twinkle Sharma ( Twinkle Sharma ) Acting as Malli

  17. Varun Buddhadev ( Varun Buddhadev ) Acting as Young Alluri Sitarama Raju

  18. Spandan Chaturvedi ( Spandan Chaturvedi ) Acting as Young Sita

  19. R. Bhakti Klein ( R. Bhakti Klein ) Acting as DSP Philip Green

  20. Mark Bennington ( Mark Bennington ) Acting as Cunningham

  21. Gaurav Pareek ( Gaurav Pareek ) Acting as Guri

  22. Alexx O'Nell ( Alexx O'Nell ) Acting as British officer

  23. S. S. Rajamouli ( S. S. Rajamouli ) Directing as Self

  24. Kirron Arya ( Kirron Arya ) Acting as Bheem's Mother

  25. Akash Boro ( Akash Boro ) Acting as Rama

  26. Eduard Buhac ( Eduard Buhac ) Acting as Jake

  27. Narendra Singh Dhami ( Narendra Singh Dhami ) Acting as Chinna

  28. Oleg Karpenko ( Oleg Karpenko ) Acting as Officer Harry

  29. Ivan Kostadinov ( Ivan Kostadinov ) Acting as British Army Soldier

  30. Jason Yeboa ( Jason Yeboa ) Acting as Drummer


  1. Sreekar Prasad ( Sreekar Prasad ) Editing, Job: Editor From Department of Editing

  2. S. S. Rajamouli ( S. S. Rajamouli ) Directing, Job: Screenplay From Department of Writing

  3. S. S. Rajamouli ( S. S. Rajamouli ) Directing, Job: Director From Department of Directing

  4. Vijayendra Prasad ( Vijayendra Prasad ) Writing, Job: Story From Department of Writing

  5. M.M. Keeravaani ( M.M. Keeravaani ) Sound, Job: Original Music Composer From Department of Sound

  6. M.M. Keeravaani ( M.M. Keeravaani ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  7. M.M. Keeravaani ( M.M. Keeravaani ) Sound, Job: Lyricist From Department of Writing

  8. K.K. Senthil Kumar ( K.K. Senthil Kumar ) Camera, Job: Director of Photography From Department of Camera

  9. DVV Danayya ( DVV Danayya ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  10. Sabu Cyril ( Sabu Cyril ) Art, Job: Production Design From Department of Art

  11. Vijay Prakash ( Vijay Prakash ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  12. Denitza Daverova ( Denitza Daverova ) Production, Job: Production Manager From Department of Production

  13. Nikolai Kirilov ( Nikolai Kirilov ) Costume & Make-Up, Job: Art Direction From Department of Art

  14. Suddala Ashok Teja ( Suddala Ashok Teja ) Writing, Job: Lyricist From Department of Writing

  15. Peter Krumov ( Peter Krumov ) Crew, Job: Set Dresser From Department of Art

  16. Sai Madhav Burra ( Sai Madhav Burra ) Writing, Job: Dialogue From Department of Writing

  17. V. Srinivas Mohan ( V. Srinivas Mohan ) Visual Effects, Job: VFX Supervisor From Department of Visual Effects

  18. Rama Rajamouli ( Rama Rajamouli ) Costume & Make-Up, Job: Costume Design From Department of Costume & Make-Up

  19. Prem Rakshith ( Prem Rakshith ) Crew, Job: Choreographer From Department of Crew

  20. Vamsi Kaka ( Vamsi Kaka ) Crew, Job: Public Relations From Department of Crew

  21. Ramajogayya Sastry ( Ramajogayya Sastry ) Writing, Job: Lyricist From Department of Writing

  22. Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry ( Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry ) Writing, Job: Lyricist From Department of Writing

  23. Rahul Karpe ( Rahul Karpe ) Sound, Job: Sound Re-Recording Mixer From Department of Sound

  24. Charu Hariharan ( Charu Hariharan ) Writing, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  25. Vishal Mishra ( Vishal Mishra ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  26. Vedala Hemachandra ( Vedala Hemachandra ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  27. Kaala Bhairava ( Kaala Bhairava ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  28. Rahul Sipligunj ( Rahul Sipligunj ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  29. Srinu Nalla ( Srinu Nalla ) Costume & Make-Up, Job: Makeup Artist From Department of Costume & Make-Up

  30. Chandrabose ( Chandrabose ) Writing, Job: Lyricist From Department of Writing

  31. Priyanka Shivhare ( Priyanka Shivhare ) Art, Job: Assistant Art Director From Department of Art

  32. Ravi Ahuja ( Ravi Ahuja ) Production, Job: Casting Director From Department of Production

  33. Sahithi Galidevara ( Sahithi Galidevara ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  34. Harika Narayan ( Harika Narayan ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  35. Chandana Bala Kalyan ( Chandana Bala Kalyan ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  36. Raghunath Kemisetty ( Raghunath Kemisetty ) Sound, Job: Sound Designer From Department of Sound

  37. Mahesh Ganguly S ( Mahesh Ganguly S ) Visual Effects, Job: Animation Supervisor From Department of Visual Effects

  38. Prudhvi Chandra ( Prudhvi Chandra ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  39. Senapathi Naidu ( Senapathi Naidu ) Costume & Make-Up, Job: Makeup Artist From Department of Costume & Make-Up

  40. Ashwin Rajashekar ( Ashwin Rajashekar ) Sound, Job: Sound Recordist From Department of Sound

  41. K. Shiva Dutta ( K. Shiva Dutta ) Writing, Job: Lyricist From Department of Writing

  42. Prakruthi Reddy ( Prakruthi Reddy ) Sound, Job: Playback Singer From Department of Sound

  43. Anil Jadhav ( Anil Jadhav ) Art, Job: Art Direction From Department of Art

Movie Review

  • ( Horseface ) give rating 1
  • Taught me that Indian movies apparently should just be ignored, as ratings apparently tell you absolutely nothing about the quality of a film.

    This is perhaps the worst acting I've ever seen - Plan 9 from Outer Space included - with post-production dubbed voices to boot! Add to that the most cringey, cartoonish pathetic storyline, and you're seriously wondering if this is all a joke. No, SERIOUSLY wondering.

    I considered I might keep watching for the laughs (I was laughing from the very first scene with the lip surgery receiving evil white woman sitting in the jungle in the 1920s surrounded by kneeling indigenous worshippers and a terribly-dubbed studio recording of a little girl singing, with the girl not even remote knowing the lyrics and making all the wrong mouth movements to pretend it's actually her doing the singing). But then I realized at 3h5m, the cringey OMG-it's-so-bad-it's-funny laughs definitely wouldn't last that long.

    Holy graboid on a blind horse, Batman, this is so bad!

    No more Indian movies for me. Lesson learned.

  • ( kamaravichow ) give rating 10
  • The Cinemark near me has started to show Indian movies. Not feeling like sitting home tonight, I decided to catch this one, and luck was with me.

    My image of Indian movies, I confess, was that they were mostly musicals centering around a love story involving a very beautiful young woman and a very handsome young man, with lots of elaborate, high-energy dance numbers to keep things going.

    There is a love story here, but it's not the focus of the film. There are also a few large and very impressive dance numbers, but only a few. (The men's dancing, extremely athletic, astounded me.)

    Rather, this movie focuses on the story of two young men in 1920s India who, each in his own way, are fighting against the English occupiers.

    The English are portrayed as inhuman monsters. Very often, they made me think of the worst atrocities committed by the Germans in France during World War II, or the most rabid racists in the American South. The first time we see the two male leads dancing, a link is indeed made between the Indians and what appear to be Black American musicians.

    Every time the Indians manage to take revenge on the English for their inhuman abuse of the Indians, you cheer - but at times I wondered if I would have cheered watching a parallel movie about Blacks taking revenge on white racists who had mistreated them in the American South, especially if I had been in a movie theater where, like tonight, I was the only audience member who did not belong to the oppressed population. Imagine Spike Lee, for example, able to make a movie in which he did not have to worry about selling tickets to whites as well as Blacks, and you have some idea of how anti-British colonials this movie is. It is the difference between a society in which the oppressor was a small minority of the population vs. Here, where Blacks are a minority of the American population. I don't want to push this comparison too far. The movie only makes the connection in one scene. But this is very definitely a movie that focuses on the story of a brutally oppressed people seeking freedom from an inhuman oppressor, rather than just a series of dance numbers.

    I don't speak any of the Indian languages used in the movie, but I had no problem following what was going on with the subtitles, which were almost always easy to read. I'm sure there were cultural references I didn't catch, however, especially at the end in the final big dance number, which seemed to be presenting India as a nation of different regions and cultures all united in one.

    The director and cinematographer definitely deserve praise. There was one very striking visual image after the next, especially during the battle scenes. Ram Charan, dressed as a "native warrior"-if that term means anything anymore-flying through flames was breathtaking.

    So, if you've even been curious about Indian movies, give this one a try. Yes, it's three hours long, but trust me, the time goes flying by. This is truly an action movie, a mixture of visual fantasy and often very graphic realism that held my interest to the end.

  • ( alcorpuz1964 ) give rating
  • My first exposure to Telugu Cinema, is when I saw my wife watching a near naked guy running in the forest, chased by a Tiger, looking so shredded that I thought my wife was appreciating the sweaty, bulbous body of a forest guy. I dismissed it immediately as another macho movie after-all, which is not my wife's favorite (its Korean movies). Until I saw a raving review of the Netflix viewer in Youtube who aren't Indians but Americans and Europeans. Now that caused me curiosity. So I decided to watch it, and then watched it again. First I can't believe the quality of CGI in most cases and the great acting of the very charismatic actors NTR and Ram Charan. With Ajay Degn and Alia Bhatt making the movie an experience of a lifetime. The movie is brimming with action, drama and great fun that I wished I watched it in bigscreen. I even eatched its Telugu version. Although the Brit-actors aren't too convincing, the entire movie is bursting with energy and drama and with it a series of suspending your belief that a movie this good can feel so short even if its 3 hours. The movie led me on a journey of watching old Rajamouli, NTR and Ram Charan movies. I have been familiar with Devgn's Drishyam (also good). I just had ti watch this several times due to so many things one can find and the beauty of friendship and relationships in the world of freedom fighters. This is 11 but I can only give it 10/10 for sanity reason.

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