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Minions: The Rise of Gru

A villain will rise.
A fanboy of a supervillain supergroup known as the Vicious 6, Gru hatches a plan to become evil enough to join them, with the backup of his followers, the Minions.

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 438148
Movie Language : en
Original Title: Minions: The Rise of Gru
Popularity : 338.955
Release : 2022-06-29
Movie Title : Minions: The Rise of Gru
Rate : 7.5
Vote Count : 2706
Genre IDs : 16,35,10751
Genres : Animation, Comedy, Family
Tagline : A villain will rise.
Revenue : 939628210
Runtime : 87
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID : 544669
Collection Name : Minions Collection

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : Universal Pictures
Budget : 85000000
HomePage :
IMDB ID : tt5113044
Country Code : US
Country Name :
Spoken Language : English
Company ID : 33
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country : US


Casts and Crews


  1. Pierre Coffin ( Pierre Coffin ) Acting as Kevin / Stuart / Bob / Minions (voice)

  2. Steve Carell ( Steve Carell ) Acting as Gru (voice)

  3. Russell Brand ( Russell Brand ) Acting as Dr. Nefario (voice)

  4. Alan Arkin ( Alan Arkin ) Acting as Wild Knuckles (voice)

  5. Taraji P. Henson ( Taraji P. Henson ) Acting as Belle Bottom (voice)

  6. Jean-Claude Van Damme ( Jean-Claude Van Damme ) Acting as Jean Clawed (voice)

  7. Lucy Lawless ( Lucy Lawless ) Acting as Nunchuck (voice)

  8. Dolph Lundgren ( Dolph Lundgren ) Acting as Svengeance (voice)

  9. Danny Trejo ( Danny Trejo ) Acting as Stronghold (voice)

  10. Michelle Yeoh ( Michelle Yeoh ) Acting as Master Chow (voice)

  11. Julie Andrews ( Julie Andrews ) Acting as Gru's Mom (voice)

  12. RZA ( RZA ) Sound as Biker (voice)

  13. Will Arnett ( Will Arnett ) Acting as Mr. Perkins (voice)

  14. Steve Coogan ( Steve Coogan ) Acting as Silas Ramsbottom (voice)

  15. Jimmy O. Yang ( Jimmy O. Yang ) Acting as Henchman 1 (voice)

  16. Kevin Michael Richardson ( Kevin Michael Richardson ) Acting as Henchman 2 (voice)

  17. John DiMaggio ( John DiMaggio ) Acting as Henchman 3 (voice)

  18. Michael Beattie ( Michael Beattie ) Acting as VNC Announcer / Guru Rick (voice)

  19. Colette Whitaker ( Colette Whitaker ) Acting as Gru's Teacher (voice)

  20. Raymond S. Persi ( Raymond S. Persi ) Acting as Birthday Kid (voice)

  21. Kyle Balda ( Kyle Balda ) Directing as Additional Voices (voice)

  22. Debra Wilson ( Debra Wilson ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  23. Bob Bergen ( Bob Bergen ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  24. Beau Billingslea ( Beau Billingslea ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  25. David Chen ( David Chen ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  26. Will Collyer ( Will Collyer ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  27. Nisa Ward ( Nisa Ward ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  28. Nora Wyman ( Nora Wyman ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  29. Regina Taufen ( Regina Taufen ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  30. Fred Tatasciore ( Fred Tatasciore ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  31. Mindy Sterling ( Mindy Sterling ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  32. James Sie ( James Sie ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  33. Cathy Cavadini ( Cathy Cavadini ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  34. Nev Scharrel ( Nev Scharrel ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  35. Carla Rempp ( Carla Rempp ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  36. David J. Randolph ( David J. Randolph ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  37. Alex Puccinelli ( Alex Puccinelli ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  38. Benjamin Plessala ( Benjamin Plessala ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  39. Levi Nunez ( Levi Nunez ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  40. Amari McCoy ( Amari McCoy ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  41. Dawnn Lewis ( Dawnn Lewis ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  42. Sam Lavagnino ( Sam Lavagnino ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  43. Evan Kishiyama ( Evan Kishiyama ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  44. JP Karliak ( JP Karliak ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  45. Barbara Harris ( Barbara Harris ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  46. Aaron Hendry ( Aaron Hendry ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  47. Ramone Hamilton ( Ramone Hamilton ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  48. Isa Hall ( Isa Hall ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  49. Jake Green ( Jake Green ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  50. Kellen Goff ( Kellen Goff ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  51. Scarlett Estevez ( Scarlett Estevez ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  52. Debi Derryberry ( Debi Derryberry ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  53. Antonio Raul Corbo ( Antonio Raul Corbo ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)

  54. Meilee Condron ( Meilee Condron ) Acting as Additional Voices (voice)


  1. Chris Meledandri ( Chris Meledandri ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  2. Carter Goodrich ( Carter Goodrich ) Visual Effects, Job: Character Designer From Department of Visual Effects

  3. Kyle Balda ( Kyle Balda ) Directing, Job: Director From Department of Directing

  4. Robert Taylor ( Robert Taylor ) Production, Job: Associate Producer From Department of Production

  5. Diana Ross ( Diana Ross ) Acting, Job: Songs From Department of Sound

  6. Cinco Paul ( Cinco Paul ) Writing, Job: Characters From Department of Writing

  7. Heitor Pereira ( Heitor Pereira ) Sound, Job: Original Music Composer From Department of Sound

  8. Janet Healy ( Janet Healy ) Production, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  9. Chris Renaud ( Chris Renaud ) Acting, Job: Producer From Department of Production

  10. Mark Oftedal ( Mark Oftedal ) Writing, Job: Visual Development From Department of Visual Effects

  11. Brett Nystul ( Brett Nystul ) Visual Effects, Job: Visual Development From Department of Visual Effects

  12. Jack Antonoff ( Jack Antonoff ) Acting, Job: Music Producer From Department of Sound

  13. Latifa Ouaou ( Latifa Ouaou ) Acting, Job: Executive Producer From Department of Production

  14. Gregory Georges ( Gregory Georges ) Visual Effects, Job: Color Designer From Department of Visual Effects

  15. Jonathan del Val ( Jonathan del Val ) Visual Effects, Job: Co-Director From Department of Directing

  16. Brian Lynch ( Brian Lynch ) Writing, Job: Story From Department of Writing

  17. Brad Ableson ( Brad Ableson ) Writing, Job: Co-Director From Department of Directing

  18. Mark O'Hare ( Mark O'Hare ) Writing, Job: Additional Storyboarding From Department of Art

  19. Claire Dodgson ( Claire Dodgson ) Editing, Job: Editor From Department of Editing

  20. Mark Koetsier ( Mark Koetsier ) Directing, Job: Storyboard Artist From Department of Art

  21. Habib Louati ( Habib Louati ) Directing, Job: Storyboard Artist From Department of Art

  22. Matt Fogel ( Matt Fogel ) Writing, Job: Screenplay From Department of Writing

  23. Matt Fogel ( Matt Fogel ) Writing, Job: Writer From Department of Writing

  24. Jean-Luc Florinda ( Jean-Luc Florinda ) Production, Job: Co-Producer From Department of Production

  25. Patrick Muylkens ( Patrick Muylkens ) Art, Job: Color Designer From Department of Visual Effects

  26. Darren Webb ( Darren Webb ) Visual Effects, Job: Storyboard Artist From Department of Art

  27. Kelly Lake ( Kelly Lake ) Directing, Job: Associate Producer From Department of Production

  28. Edwin Rhemrev ( Edwin Rhemrev ) Art, Job: Set Designer From Department of Art

  29. Kevin Parker ( Kevin Parker ) Acting, Job: Songs From Department of Sound

  30. Nima Azarba ( Nima Azarba ) Art, Job: Storyboard Artist From Department of Art

  31. Jérémie Droulers ( Jérémie Droulers ) Art, Job: Sculptor From Department of Art

  32. Claire Lentz ( Claire Lentz ) Visual Effects, Job: Color Designer From Department of Visual Effects

  33. James Moreau ( James Moreau ) Art, Job: Graphic Designer From Department of Art

Movie Review

  • CinemaSerf ( Geronimo1967 ) give rating 6
  • Eleven year old 'Gru" is asked by his school teacher what he wants to be when he grows up. "A super villain" he retorts - to the derision of his classmates. Little do they know, though, that he has applied to join the "Vicious Six" who have, themselves, just dumped their founder member "Wild Knuckles". They aren't so impressed when he turns up at the interview but he uses his newly designed glue-gun to escape with their all powerful, emerald encrusted, stone. Now the five are on the warpath as he entrusts the stone to his minion friend "Otto", but he manages to swap it for a pebble with eyes so now embarks on a mammoth cycle ride to fetch it back whilst the pursuing villains cause havoc. Luckily, "Wild Knuckles" hasn't given up. He kidnaps "Gru" to get the stone back, but when he realises that he no longer has it, the two form an unlikely, and quite amusing, partnership to retrieve it. I guess I'm just the wrong demographic for this, because although it hits the ground running and never stops for breath, I just didn't really get it. The yellow ovoid creatures are fun, but hardy the stuff of big screen entertainment and the plot reminded me of the recently released "Bad Guys" animation that I didn't much like either. It's my first foray into "Despicable" territory, but the slapstick approach to the whole thing will probably ensure it's my last. Others will love it, I'm sure - the cinema on a Sunday night was packed to the rafters, but this hadn't enough for the grown up in me to remain engaged for long.

  • All Things Movies and TV ( allthingsmoviesandtv ) give rating 8
  • It sure has been a long wait for the sequel (7 years to be precise) but I think it's safe to say that the film does not disappoint. While the film lacks a strong plot and is louder than its prequel, it easily covers up with delightful comedy, a sprinkle of nostalgia and a satisfying dose of lovable Minions!

  • ( lopezaxel ) give rating 9
  • Very good movie, watched with my family and no regrets on it. Recommend to everybody!.

  • ( mooney240 ) give rating 7
  • Overall : The Rise of Gru returns the franchise to what it does best.

    Minions: The Rise of Gru feels like the franchise is starting to return to what made it great. Bringing back great characters like Gru and Nefario substantiated the movie providing a stronger connection to the Despicable Me movies than the last Minions film. Great Easter eggs, clever jokes, and fun moments throughout equaled a fantastic new entry in this beloved franchise.

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