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Humpty Dumpty and Other Cartoon Classics

Four music and dancing cartoon versions of classic children's stories: HUMPTY DUMPTY falls for Easter Egg, but Bad Egg has his eyes on the girlfriend! PEEPING PENGUINS - Ma's four little penguin chicks are just too curious for words... SCOTTY FINDS A HOME - When he comes to the rescue to Grandma Cat, Scotty Dog at last finds himself wanted. ALL'S FAIR AT THE FAIR - With the World's Fair in town there's just all sorts of weird and wonderful machinery to see and things to look at.

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Movie ID : 608593
Movie Language : en
Original Title: Humpty Dumpty and Other Cartoon Classics
Popularity : 0.6
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Movie Title : Humpty Dumpty and Other Cartoon Classics
Rate : 0
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Runtime : 30
Status : Released

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