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Cartoon Crazys: 70 Years Of Popeye

Celebrate 70 years of one of cartoon's most beloved characters, Popeye The Sailor Man. Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy and more are all featured in some of Popeye's all-time greatest cartoons of the last 70 years. The spinach-eating dynamo's best cartoons are included here and they have never looked or sounded better. We have spend thousands of hours remastering and remixing the entire soundtrack and added new sound effects, ambiences and Foley work to create true Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround Sound. The pictures have been completely restored and color corrected to their original brilliance. "They have not looked as bright and clear since their original theatrical release," stated Peter Nichols of The New York Times about other Cartoon Crazy releases. Collect and enjoy the entire series.

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Movie ID : 832210
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Original Title: Cartoon Crazys: 70 Years Of Popeye
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Release : 2000-04-25
Movie Title : Cartoon Crazys: 70 Years Of Popeye
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